Dental Implants

Beaufort Dental in Beaufort, NC is a practice committed to doing dentistry differently. Part of what makes our office stand out is our dedication to continual learning, improving, and growing to meet the ever-evolving needs of our patients. That’s how much we truly care!

We offer dental implants at our practice; a true modern miracle in the field of dentistry. With implants, you can restore your smile to its former appearance, function, and health; as if you never lost a tooth! Our team members have the knowledge and expertise to place and restore dental implants with the guidance of cutting-edge technology and years of experience. 

Ready to learn more about dental implants? Read below and call our office with any questions you may have. After that, we invite you to book a FREE implant consultation to begin the process for building your new smile!

Single Implants

A single implant is an implant designed to replace a single missing tooth. After the loss of one tooth, you may feel that the issue is not too serious. However, without filling this gap, you may be at risk of:

  • Chewing difficulty
  • Speech problems
  • Bone density deterioration
  • Shifting of other teeth
  • Loss of additional teeth

A dental implant can prevent these problems from occurring and bring you a dependable restoration for your missing tooth. Composed of three separate pieces, a titanium post, an abutment, and a custom-made crown, these pieces work together to replace the entire tooth structure; including the root!

  • The implant post is embedded into the jawbone by a surgical procedure.
  • Once healed, the post is topped with an abutment.
  • The abutment is used to connect the post to the dental crown, securing all pieces together successfully.

Implants are designed to last a lifetime, but crowns will need replacing every 15 years for continued optimal function and appearance.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are very similar to traditional bridges; they perform the same job of restoring a sequence of multiple missing teeth. However, instead of relying on healthy neighboring teeth for the appliance to be fixed into place, they are secured to dental implants. 

By using implants, there is no need to sacrifice the integrity of your natural teeth to secure the prosthetic. Instead of reshaping your natural teeth, the bridge is connected to the implant post and abutment on either side of the smile gap. The bridge is then cemented into place and restores the performance and aesthetics to the entire smile.

A New Smile That You Can Count On

With multiple options available to replace missing teeth, it can feel difficult to choose the best option. While traditional bridges and dentures are also excellent choices, they don’t provide the dependability, health benefit, or lifetime guarantee that you get with implants! Once implants are surgically placed, you can rest assured that they aren’t going anywhere. 

If you’re seeking a smile restoration that you can truly count on, dental implants are the best solution. With our FREE implant consultation, we invite you to call our team today and become more familiar with the placement process. A dental implant can bring back your smile confidence, allow you to eat your favorite foods, return normalcy to your routine, and truly change your life. Call today!

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